Who is John Tyler?

I am currently a High School Vice-Principal at Spectrum Community School located in the Greater Victoria School District.  I believe in creating opportunities where everyone can achieve success.  When I think of learning I think of student centred.  As an adult in a building full of adolescents I think it is important to portray a sense of modesty that reveals that we all continue to learn throughout our lives.

This school makes up my third appointment as an Administrator. I spent my teaching years in North Vancouver until I received my first appointment working in a school that is located on the exact piece of property where I started my high school education.  At that time it was a Junior High (grade 8-10) and it is where I met my wife, Angela Tyler, in homeroom on the first day of Junior High.  It is not what you may be thinking; many years and life experiences for both of us passed between that September day and the day we were married just a few years ago.
I was born and raised during my childhood on Vancouver Island before spending my teen years in Burnaby BC.
Personally, I am someone who does not commit to things lightly.  Once I begin something I find myself working tirelessly to make sure I complete what I started to the best of my ability.  This website is an example, I told someone a few years ago that this was something I wanted to accomplish and although this was only one person, I have felt the need to follow through with what I had said.
Hobbies I toil with when away from my place of work?   I try to remain active, in the fall and winter it is hockey – a game I have played since I was 3 and although my game has diminished with age, my passion is as great as ever.  In the spring and summer you may find me on a golf course or out for a run.  When I am not participating in activities you will likely find me spending time with my family.

I perceive learning as an ongoing process.  When something is learned it is not a single dot, or blip, on  a radar but a process that has evolved over time.  I feel I am always learning, in every interaction with a student, teacher, parent or community member I try to reflect on that discussion to learn for the future.  As an administrator I model this to encourage members of my school community to take their life experiences and turn them into learning experiences that are personal and relevant in their lives.

2 thoughts on “Who is John Tyler?

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