A Bump in the Road

I haven’t posted in a while, in fact it has been several months since my last post.  Whew, there I said it.  I got it out. The simple fact is that I have not posted as much as I had hoped to when I created this site.

For the first few months, I posted entries when I felt inspired to write.  I did not carve out a specific time or regiment each week to dedicate to writing (I should have listened to those that advised me this would become necessary!).

As I unwind from the school year and I have had time to  reflect on the past year, I have had to my ask myself one tough question: Why was I not successful at maintaining my Blog? In trying to answer this, I have come up with a number of possible reasons and I don’t think I can say there is any one reason.  So instead, I have been focussing on ways to be more successful moving forward.

As I have gone through this process of reflection, I have come to the realization that my lack of entries has nothing to do with a lack of ideas.  In fact, without the outlet of posting regularly, my head has been swimming full of a different thoughts. I realized I have used this space to help me flesh out my own ideas.  Over the past year there have been some drafts that have yet to be published, others that were started and completely deleted and some that have been published and commented on by others.

When I began this process I thought I had failed at my original intent.  What I recognize now is that I’ve only hit a bump in the road and that is a part of my process. In realizing (remembering) one of my original motivators for writing here, I have a renewed sense of purpose in posting regularly. What that means can only be revealed in the timing of future posts…

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