Make Things Happen

Today, all across British Columbia, educators will participate in Professional Development activities. People will be engaged, inspired and many will move to make things happen as a result.

On a day like today, the workshops, presentations, discussion groups and collaborations can move educators deeply, igniting a sense of passion and commitment often reminding us of the great things that led us to the field in the first place. And then in the coming days and weeks the marking begins to add up, or the emails flow in and too many times we lose that focus that seems so clear after an inspiring Professional Development Day. I have seen this happen to many and I have fallen victim to this roller coaster of emotions myself.

With this in mind, I encourage you to make a commitment to yourself. Grab a hold of one idea, one task, one initiative – no matter how big or small and promise yourself that you will see it through to the end, whatever or wherever that may be.

Enjoy your day, as you continue on your continuum of life-long learning.

1 thought on “Make Things Happen

  1. Thanks John.

    A little while back I engaged on twitter with other educators about the importance of seeing a pro-d idea through to the end. It does not happen enough. I am well aware that all meaningful challenges and learning will spawn more challenges and learning and that one could argue there is never an “end”. However, what I feel is the point of your post, and the twitter conversation I was in previously, is that we should try our very best to see something through to an ending that brings fulfilment, and sparks the next positive beginning.

    It’s a great point, and one I will try to remind myself of over the coming months.

    I hope you had a great day. I sure did. We are so incredibly fortunate to have the professional development in BC that we do.

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