Searching for Words

This is the first post in a long time and it is not intended to impart any wisdom nor is it written with any prudence. It is not often I speak or write with my heart on my sleeve, but for the past 24 hours I have been trying to come to terms with the horrific tragedy in Saskatchewan that has take the lives of so many from the Humboldt Broncos hockey team and forever devastated so many others.


There is no quantifying the magnitude of this tragedy. Without a doubt, there have been others on a global scale recently that have made me reflect on life, but none that have hit this close home for me.

I first learned to skate at 2.5, maybe 3. My first team pic took place when I was 4. My first memory of a road trip – I couldn’t have been more than 6. I remember being devastated at 9 when a road trip was cancelled due to weather. All I wanted to do was get to that rink to play. It was just a little snow. I couldn’t understand what could be more important than getting us to that game. Several years later and this most recent tragedy later, I now know that at Monday Night Hockey, I am going to embrace the brotherhood I continue to have the great fortune to skate with and spend time with each week.


Since those early days, I have been fortunate to travel our country, and a few others, with teams of sons and daughters, brothers and sisters; friends that those trips forged for the rest of my life. We’ve travelled in cars, vans, busses and planes. I have competed with and continue to skate with friends who have given everything just to have a seat in that room and on those busses.

Now, almost every week, I authorize trips of students to pursue their passions. They travel in cars, vans, busses and planes. I can’t imagine having to tell them they can’t chase that dream. My eldest daughter just finished 3+ years travelling with teammates and friends to games and tournaments on the back roads and secondary highways of BC. My youngest is about to begin her first season in team sports. I know she will experience the indescribable bond that comes from the bus trips that are in her future.


There are no words to describe the heavy heart I have as I try to make sense of this. I send my thoughts and my prayers to the families and the entire community of Humboldt. Before putting our 5-year old daughter to bed last night, we had a long family hug. I end this the only way I can think of. I encourage you to hug your loved ones and forgive your grudges. Life is full of the unexpected so capture the happiness even when it isn’t right in front of us.

Peace to those impacted by this event that I still can’t make sense of, and never will.




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