At-Home Learning

Over the past 8 months schools across Canada have been forced to re-imagine learning. Most recently, here in Alberta, as a system, we have shifted from face to face instruction, to, what we are referring to as, at-home learning. For some grade levels, this shift took place prior to the scheduled winter break, for the rest of us, it is taking place today.

This current teaching and learning situation has been referred to as remote, online, virtual, and distance (among other things). While none of these terms can accurately capture what is happening for students and teachers, it is important to note: schools are not “closed”, nor has the break been “extended”. It is critical that we recognize the incredible effort that is required for teaching and learning in this way.

Teachers, students AND parents have been, and will be, working tirelessly to support students’ needs because school is about relationships. It is taking a collective effort by all of our partners to make sure the children in our care know how important they are to us, regardless of what is happening in the world around them.

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